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About our Company


Tree Service--founded based on hard work and built on integrity. 


Whether working to clear right-of-way for utilities and public works projects, removing and maintaining trees for our commercial customers, or helping our residential customers manage their tree canopy or remove dead trees, Clear Way, approaches each job professionally.  We are committed to providing excellent personalized customer service while offering solutions for all of your tree care needs. No tree is too tall or limb too small.


We provide year-round tree trimming, pruning, removal, and other tree care services to our customers throughout southwestern Virginia and West Virginia.

We show up when we say we will.  We provide complete and thorough work estimates.  We perform the work safely, professionally and affordably.  And, of course, we're fully insured.  

About our Team


Our professionally trained team has decades of experience. Our founder, Stephen Nelson, grew up in the mountains of Virginia, felling trees for firewood and to clear land for pasture.  This experience led to a career clearing right-of-way and managing teams to meet the exacting and demanding requirements of public utilities and internet service providers as well as those of hospitality and residential customers. 


Along the way, Clear Way has developed a full-service team, trained to use the latest equipment safely and effectively.  Whether pruning, felling, or removing trees, regardless of size, location, or condition, Clear Way's expertise and experience sets us apart.  

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540-600-TREE (8733)
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